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Colori - challenge yourself with Top free Puzzle Game for Android & IOS

Colori ios

Download Colori Puzzle for ANDROID
Challenge your colors perception abilities with this puzzle game. Your aim is to reorder the

colors to form a uniform color pattern.

Toys and games for children are supposed to be fun. If they weren't fun then children wouldn't want them. However, there is nothing that says that a kid's game can't be fun and offer additional benefits as well. Kids Colori and Colori games offer kids a huge amount of fun and help kids to develop learning and social skills as well.

Here are just some of the benefits that kids Colori games and puzzles can offer.

• Developing hand/eye coordination. Give a child a Colori puzzle and he will be practicing hand eye coordination exercises over and over without even realizing it. His thrill will be putting each piece of the puzzle in it's proper place never knowing that each time he has success he has strengthened his hand and eye  .Colori-Android

• When children do Colori puzzles with other children or adults they also tend to improve their communication and social skills. Studies have discovered that children working on the same puzzle will share ideas and strategies on how to complete the task without any suggestions from adults. They work as a team and learn to communicate clearly on their level of development.

• Colori games such as Clue, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and even word search games help children learn to concentrate, focusing on a single task while blocking out interference. It also helps them develop logical thinking, memory and and abundance of other skills.

• For younger children Colori games can help develop sorting skills, color recognition and other development milestones that will help prepare them for entering school. Even those infant puzzle blocks that children so adore begin to teach infants about shapes and sizes and even spacial distances.
Download Colori Puzzle for IOS Devices:

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