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Astero Avoider is a challenging asteroid arcade game in which you’ll need to show great control skills and reflexes to shoot and avoid the obstacles in a colorful space environment. With its beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay and easy controls, Astero Avoider can entertain you to the fullest.
Avoider for android for free

Fly through the galaxy and avoid or shoot the asteroids. Be careful, because sometimes you will come across a group of asteroids difficult to avoid. In that case, it would be smarter to shoot them. You need to feel the gameplay and stay alive as long as possible. Use the rockets wisely.
Bring with you a cute companion to gather coins and pickups for you. He will whirl around when hit by asteroids, but cannot be killed by them.

If you want to push your limits, you will have to upgrade your spaceship. But spend the coins wisely.
See why we are rated as one of the best space arcade games!
Let Astero Avoider be your newest space arcade addiction

DOWNLOAD game Astero Avoider for android for free :

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