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We are over the 45 mark!!! And a question for you all.

YAY!!!!!!!! We are now over the 45 mark in challenge participants! This is so wonderful I can't say how happy this has made me. I know these books are rather large (but once you start them you can't stop and they fly by) so I am more than pleased with this turn out! Best of luck to you all and I hope you really enjoy the books. :)

A few of you have already notified me that you have finished Outlander and are on to Dragonfly woohoooo!!!!!!! HUGE congrats I love to hear what you all think of the books as you go along in the challenge, and I do hope you will join the others in the discussions here about the books too as you finish each one let us know what you think of them! :)

And I said this on the participants thread but I wanted to say it here too... I am VERY sorry it took me so long to get back to you all and get you added to the list but everyone is on there now! This last week was crazy busy at my house and I am way behind on all my blogging.

Again I am so happy that you all found us and joined and even more for you passing the challenge on to others! I hope you enjoy the books and do come back and let us all know what you think! :)

Everyone that posted to join is welcome absolutely!!! And no it's never to late jump righ on in anytime you can. I am thinking of making this a running challenge that stays up even after this year what do you all think?

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